These incredibly heartfelt testimonials were all given when I was recently nominated to be a speaker at SXSW.

“For almost 5 years, Brooke has endured hardship no one should go through. Her dire cry for help almost ended her life on multiple occasions! Today with the help of social media, Brooke is thriving. Not totally cured, but getting there. She has helped inspire many individuals to pick themselves up and get better. She is a loving, caring soul who should be heard. If not for her story, then perhaps for someone out there who needs help! Brooke is my hero. Wait, I can confidently say, she is MY friend. To be honest, I’ve never met her (that will happen one day), however she holds a special place in my heart, as she does with many others. BabbleOnBrooke, babble on!” -@RepublicofK on Twitter

“I am also a disabled live streamer, I live stream playing guitar and singing when I feel well enough. BabbleOnBrooke continues to inspire me to share my mostly homebound existence with my viewers. She is a very talented public speaker and will add so much to SXSW!” -Isabel Valdez

“Brooke is absolutely an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. She has shown profound courage battling through the situation she has found herself in and has brought hope to others in the process. Brooke illustrates the mental and spiritual faculties required to fight the physical hand she’s been dealt. She also has proven how it is possible to beat the odds by crafting her own recovery. Brooke has inspired countless others by live streaming her recovery and showing her resolutely dauntless attitude in the process. Brooke would add a much needed heart and soul to SXSW, and be an inspiration to all that see and hear her.” -@GenuineDavid on Twitter

“Brooke is amazing. She is a warm, wonderful, engaging human being who shows us with grace, transparency, and insight that we all can triumph over any life circumstance or setback. Both Brooke and her life story speak eloquently to the power of resiliency as an individual, and together as a couple with David (“Bravid” together), and to resiliency and cameraderie as a community — she has nurtured vast numbers of hearts and souls, shining a light through others’ dark nights, and an extensive community on Periscope that collectively and individually uplifts each other and ourselves together. Livestreaming and Brooke have been a remarkable combination and gift for the world. Please enable others to experience and benefit from her deeply powerful wisdom, wit, and motivating words by selecting Brooke as a panelist at SXSW. Thank you.” -Maxwell Love

“Brooke has given me so much hope and inspiration over the last year, I can’t express enough what she’s done for me.. She is the true inspiration of why I became a full time broadcaster on Periscope to spread the message about her, but by doing it I realized it helped me in so many ways.. I found a wonderful community thanks to Brooke! All my best and good luck!” -Pete Byron

“This proposal from Brooke is unusual – it’s different from what many people will expect to experience at SXSW. As such, it offers and promises to enrich SXSW. Among a new audience, the reputation of SXSW would be enhanced. I think future SXSWs will be the better from the boost Brooke will provide.I urge you to consider her proposal favourably – and I bet SXSW staff will love working with her to refine / hone / polish her idea in the months leading up to the event.You are good & wise enough to want to showcase Brooke’s knowledge, passion and creativity in the best possible light for the industry professionals and decision-makers who attend SXSW. But working with Brooke will do the SXSW team good too.” -Paul O’Mahony

“She gives me hope.” -Jennie

“As a seasoned Registered Nurse, I am aware of we may merely try to imagine the struggles and challenges experienced by Brooke and those who have truly supported by standing beside her these past 5 years. To see in her videos and attempt to imagine how she felt as bits and pieces of her life fell apart then spiraled downward and resulted in such a profound depression is nothing less than heartbreaking for me. I have worked with many people who developed spinal cord injuries due to a variety of reasons. Some people maintain very few functional abilities, some regain partial function, and a few people totally recover. Try to imagine gasping for a breath and declining in abilities to do things for yourself. Try to imagine being in a place in your life when you don’t know what changes tomorrow may bring–let alone what the final outcome may be. When I try and imagine what it may be like for someone who struggling with such challenges, I am only minimally able to understand how someone such as Brooke may find such fulfillment and joy in life. She is a star in that she has overcome years of unimaginable challenges including loss of people she thought were true supportive friends, loss of independence, loss of control over her own body, and was able to claw her way out of a deep pit of severe depression. Oh, and then…did I mention that one may easily now see her show love for her rebirth into a new life, her magnificently expressed renewed sense of happiness through emotions that pours out of her body through her voice? I see a soul overflowing with true love and appreciation for the blessings in her life.” -TR Funguy

“Brooke had greatly changed my perception of Periscope, where I first saw her. I was pained at the suffering she had to go through and her ability to overcome it. It was because of seeing her condition that I have been influenced to do things to help others. She is such an inspiration to both disabled people and those who are well. Her positive spirit is such a joy to see and I’m glad to have known her.” -@Robmusic on Twitter

“Brooke is so positive, cheerful and talented. Love her attitude and everything about her.” -Louise Young

“Because Brooke is a great person with charisma, she has many friends who respect her and she does not deserve to lose her frends. Brooke is the victim of a car crash that is terrible and ridiculous. and because of this tragic accident, society should not lose her incredible voice and her talent to create beautiful songs and show them to people.” -Belcho Belchev

“Brooke is always inspiring, fun, hopeful and most of all—–she keeps it REAL. Frankly, SXSW would be lucky to have her present her story and suggestions on how to not let ANYTHING (circumstances, health challenges, life) stand in the way of your own happiness, self worth, and creating positive impact!” -Tina Valant

“Brooke and David have been inspiring to so many. Brooke has experienced this trial and can communicate personally her truth. Her great attitude puts me in awe. Brooke has professional work experience and is extremely relatible. I hope you choose her to speak she has a real, strong, and positive message. She is gifted with communication skills and a caring heart. Brooke has a loyal fan base. I hope she gains this opportunity to share and encourage others. Brooke you are a shining star! I’m so glad you are improving!!!” -TyAnn Severine Ralph

“Brooke you are amazing person and your story inspire me for people with disabilities. I have a disability. I am glad that I met you on periscope. Your story has touched me!” -Tiffany Griar

“Livestreamers who aren’t disabled confess to me regularly that they consider live streaming exhausting. Now imagine that feeling multiplied due to a traumatic sudden life event, but you’re still wanting to share your truth as much as your body will let you, as Brooke has. Engaging with others about purpose, giving, taking, balance, love, fortitude, health, this thing we call ‘life’, and not feeling you’re ‘less than’. Anything can happen to anyone, let’s remember that and honor it. Let’s hear from Brooke.” -Alex Yong

“I think Brooke is amazing. I have been ‘disabled’ fulltime with Crohns and Lupus for almost a year and a half now. I don’t go out except for dr appts, hospital stays and for groceries when I can afford to. I’ve been extremely depressed and down. Then I see Brooke and her issues are so much worse than my own and she has put herself “out there” even though she isn’t able to BE out there. She is courageous and confident and positive in spite of her circumstances. What she does is inspiring and more people need to hear her speak and she just what she overcomes every single day of her life. She is utterly awe inspiring and what she has to say is so important for so many like me, stuck at home because of disabilities, to hear.” -Lynn Geiter

“Brooke shares her life with us and has done so in a way to educate but also not shy away from showing her daily grind. I think Brooke inspires others to persevere and has a consistent message to never give up. I’ve followed Brooke since January and she has shared pretty much all of her emotion and daily life with everyone. She’s a terrific speaker and will no doubt inspire others to never give up. I love Brooke and her approach to every challenge. She handles it with class, determination and resolve.” -Dave Schmitt

“I met Brooke through Periscope and I saw her at Summit Live in San Francisco (but unfortunately we never had a chance to meet in person – sad face). I was immediately drawn to her shining personality and beauty – not only outside but inside as well. Brooke shows strength, determination, love for life in her live broadcasts and snaps every single day. She is a role model and an inspiration for all of us and couldn’t be a better speaker at SXSW!” -Sabrina Cadini

“Brooke’s story is nothing short of amazing! She is a survivor and champion of the human spirit! Brooke’s approach is relatable and inspiring – she is a tremendous force for social good and reminding us that “When you wake up and you’re breathing it’s a good day!” Be it Periscope, YouTube, SnapChat, Twitter, etc. Brooke seems so comfortable and at ease in Social Media, no matter the platform. As an early member of Brooke’s Periscope community, I was drawn to her, immediately swept up in the rush of positivity, love and hope that is so palatable in Brooke’s broadcasts. As a fellow Broadcaster and Speaker, I can vouch – Brooke’s professionalism, sense of purpose and team spirit, is outstanding! Brooke’s SXSW presentation will be a DO NOT MISS!” -@jennyinspired2 on Twitter

“Brooke is inspirational to me & so many, her heart is strong. I’ve followed her struggles over some time, she is so positive & has been a great help & influence to me & so many. To bring others comfort in times of struggle is such a positive, thank you Brooke my hero.” -@r_jon4 on Twitter

“Met Brooke via Periscope and she is absolutely awe inspiring! She has the most down to earth and sweet personality and is a very captivating speaker. I believe you will be delighted and inspired to have her as a speaker!” -Michelle

“Brooke, I was drawn to your story and journey the first time I happened upon your scope. I’m glad we’ve become virtual friends and am thrilled to see the progress you’re making with your healing. I’m so glad you found live streaming as a viable way to build a community around you. I would look forward to hearing your “No Excuses” feature and you’ve got my vote for SXSW 🙂 Congrats on your YouTube series at and Babble On, Brooke!” -Kathy Anderson


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